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This game was created as part of an internship semester at DADIU in Denmark (The National Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment). The game is the result of a 7 week production by a team of 19 students from different educations.

You are a Soul, a creature from a mystical kin, who spend their life awaiting the Trial of the Mountain. As you are flung out of the sky into a magical world, you know, that your time has come.

Fight your way through the Mountain's inner caves and defeat envious Maskless to overcome the trial. Arrive at the summit and defeat the Mountain's final challenge, in order to earn our right to ascension.

Controls (Xbox controller // keyboard):

  • Movement: Left-Analog // WASD
  • Camera: Right-Analog // Mouse
  • Lock-on: Right-Analog Press // Middle mouse
  • Light attack:  RB // Left mouse
  • Heavy attack: RT // Right mouse
  • Jump: A // Space
  • Dodge: B // Shift
  • SoulCharge Heal: Left trigger // E
  • Interact: X // F
  • Pause/Menu: Start // ESC

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Ascent: Trial of the Mountain 915 MB


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